Dive Sites Are Listed From West to East... This list is only some of our most popular sites

Shore Diving "the WALL" and the Frederiksted Pier with Sweet Bottom


We specialize in guided shore diving & guided boat dives at many different dive sites on the Island.


Our most popular site is known as "the WALL" and it's named such for good reason. On the west section of the WALL lies our house reef, the Davis Bay Wall. This section of the WALL is a gradually sloping bottom from 45' to 3000'! Here divers find Sharks, Reef Fish, Coral, Stingrays, Eagle Rays, Jacks, Barracuda, and Turtles. This dive site's beach entry is only 50 steps away from where we set up our gear and the wall is a short 5 mins swim. Our entry area is only 300 yards from the dive shop and we will transport your equipment from the dive shop to the entry location on our golf cart (all located inside the Renaissance St Croix Carambola Beach Resort). This site is great for beginners and experienced divers alike, with such a depth range you may see CCR divers and Recreational divers setting up on the same bench.


The next dive site we dive is known as the Cane Bay Wall, which is seven minutes east of our dive shop. This dive site is known for their drastic drop off that goes vertically from 50' to 3000'.  On this site it is common to see Reef Squid, Sharks, Turtles, Coral, & Reef Fish. Just like the Davis Bay Wall, there is a sand chute that allows divers to enter the water safely and is located about 25' from where we park. The wall starts about 250 yards from shore which allows the divers to enjoy the shallow reef or a very scenic surface swim until getting to the drop off.


In between the Davis Bay Wall and Cane Bay Wall, lies The Jungle, North Star, & Twin Palms. All of these sites are wonderful shore dive site but lack one thing, a sandy entrance. We hold these sites for more adventurous and experienced divers due to the entry and exit.


The last note worthy shore diving site we dive is the Frekderiksted Pier. This dive is an extremely fun and relaxing experience with a max depth of 30' and bottom times up to 90 mins. You will be scouring the pillars that hold the cruise ship pier up looking for Seahorses, Invertebrates, Crabs, Frog Fish, and the mass amount of coral and fish that call this site home. This dive site is 30 mins west of the Resort and is normally dove as a 2 tank DAY & NIGHT Dive. During the day dive you will be able to get comfortable with the dive site and see the day fish and at night see all the lobsters, crabs, octopus.


Our guided boat dives depart from Frederiksted Pier and the Christiansted Harbor utilizing 3 different boat operators. We dive the hard to reach dive sites such as the Butler Bay Wrecks, the Salt River Canyon, Swirling Reef of Death, Long Reef, & many more. If you are interested in boat dives please call us to book.


Did You Know We Support Technical Divers? What is better than dropping down on the wall and knocking out a 2 - 4 hour dive to any depth you can imagine. We have rentals & gas fills available for Open Circuit and Closed Circuit Divers. 

Davis Bay Beach 75 yds from the Wall


One Tank Guided Shore Dive    $ 60
Two Tank Guided Shore Dive $ 90
Six Tank Guided Shore Dive Package $240
Six Tank Guided Shore Dive Package with Pier Day Dive $260
Six Tank Guided Shore Dive Package with Pier Day & Night Dive $285
Shore Night Dive @ Davis Bay $75
Shore Night Dive @ Frederiksted Pier $90
Shore Day & Night Dive @ Frederiksted Pier $120


All gear is included. Two Tank dive must be done on same day.




The Boat Diving on St. Croix offers a huge variety of diving along the north and west shores. The boat operator we directly work with have boats located at the Frederiksted Pier and the Christiansted Harbor offering the best variety of dive sites. Our boat dives are guided offering the perfect company for new or advanced divers alike.


We include tanks and weights with the Boat Charters but equipment is extra. We offer a special equipment package price of $30 for divers that need a full equipment package (includes: bcd, regulator, mask, fins, snorkel, dive computer, shorty wetsuit / rashguard). If you only need a specific item please revert back to our normal rental price list.



$115 Per 2 Tank Dive

Packages available!








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