Introducing Your Future Friends

HI!  Welcome to St. Croix and Sweet Bottom Dive Center.  We are glad to have you and are looking forward to diving with you soon.


Our staff of professional scuba instructors are experts in every type of diving imaginable here on St. Croix.  We could even teach you some ice diving...if we had ice.  As certified PADI Instructors we can conduct almost every certification available from our beach front dive center.  If you're making the run to warmer waters to finish your Open Water certification, want to learn how to take beautiful underwater photographs, or even become a professional dive master we can do it all for you.


Here at Sweet Bottom we focus on the fun and relaxing parts of the diving.  Whether you're on a full blown 5 dives a day adventure or just feel the urge to catch a quick dive, we'll help to make every moment count.  Don't you worry about a thing either because we are more than happy to put together, carry, break down, clean, and dry your gear after each and every dive!  Just relax and enjoy the underwater view off the closest dive site to "The Wall."


So let's meet your future friends...


Tim Getting Ready to Sidemount the Davis Bay

Tim Linse

Shop Manager

Technical Diving Instructor


Diving became a career and passion for me in the cold waters of Lake Michigan diving the wrecks off Chicago. Soon after my first few breaths on SCUBA in 2008; I worked my way up to become a shop manager in a large dive center, and taught as a technical instructor in my hometown of Chicago. When the time came to move to St Croix, it was an easy choice (Warm Water, Great Vizz, and Deep Depths! No Brainer!) My favorite things to do in STX are long dives on "less known" dive sites along the island.. the DPVs and CCR make this managable and quite enjoyable.

In the future, I hope to continue my education as a Paramedic/Fire Fighter and run a Public Safety Dive Team. My non-diving hobbies are making beer (the hoppier the better), rock climbing, skiing, and planning the next big DIVE :)



Favorite Dive Site: Wrecks @ Butler Bay ... and the Cave at Cane Bay

Favorite Restaurants: Maria's Cantina

Favorite View: the view from the Bolke Cessna Plane Island Tour

Favorite Drink: Any IPA!

Lizzi Schader

Shop "Go-To-Girl"



I moved down to St Croix to start a new adventure in the Scuba Industry.. With a past resume' of Early Childhood Education, Swim Instructor, and Lifeguarding this change was a BIG one. I have been learning a lot about diving and how to ensure all our divers have the best possible time while in our care. I started diving back in 09'. I needed the certifcation for an internship with the Miami Seaquarium. Soon after, I found my other water joy, diving! Other than diving, I love being around children, swimming, running, rollerblading, tennis, soccer, & of course watching The Chicago Blackhawks!




Favorite Dive Site: NORTH STAR *

Favorite Restaurant: Maria's Cantina

Favorite View: The view of the mountains

Favorite Drink: Very Berry Margarita (From Maria's)

Mark & Laura Teaching Taylor Kinny From NBC's Chicago Fire TV Series

Mark Linse

Director of Training

Course Director


During my 28 years of diving, I have had the opportunity to travel and dive in many different locals and dive environments…whether I was diving on the beautiful coral reefs of St Croix, the massive wrecks off of Lake Michigan, Key Largo or Fort Lauderdale, swimming with the dolphins in Curacao, playing tag with the baby peacock flounders in Bonaire, dodging the 12' bull sharks in Fiji or swimming inside a school of barracudas in Malaysia, my dive adventures are always fun and exciting.


During my 30+ year career as a Chicago Paramedic and EMS Educator, I have had the opportunity to hone my instructional and presentation skills.  What a perfect fit to take that experience and combine it with something I truly enjoy sharing with others…scuba diving!


As a dive educator, I can hold your hand during your very first breath underwater, or I can train you in unique underwater skills, such as; advanced navigation, search and recovery, sidemount diving, full face mask and dry suit diving, just to name a few.  I can mentor you into leadership roles, as you learn the information and skills necessary to become a PADI Divemaster.  Or, I can help you change your life forever; as I lead you down the path of becoming a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, Specialty Instructor, IDC Staff Instructor or I can even mentor you, as you prepare to become a PADI Course Director.


My passion lies with people.  I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences with people, but more importantly, I love learning about you…your passions, your experiences and your dreams.  Scuba Diving has a HUGE social component to it.  Anyone, can teach you how to tie a bowline underwater…let me get to know you and see if I can't help you realize your dreams.


Favorite Dive Site: Davis Bay!

Favorite Restaurants: The Waves @ Cane Bay... and Rowdy Joes!

Favorite View: My office... the Ocean

Favorite Drink: Samual Adams Boston Lager

Laura Snapping Away Some Beautiful Photos

Laura Linse

Master Instructor


Diving has become my escape from noise, technology and everyday issues; Looking around the beautiful underwater world is my heaven on Earth. Bright flourescent purples and oranges of sponges and sea fans, bountiful fish, marine life to observe, sharks to swim with, all make my "front yeard" a place to explore. Let me show you our piece of heaven on Davis Bay. I have been diving nearly 30 years spanning the shores of Chicago, Florida, St. Thomas, Jamacia, Curacau, Bonarie, Roatan, and Mexico all the way to Malaysia and Fiji. I fell in love with the diving here in St. Croix. Where else could I see sharks and seahorses in one dive (my two favorites)?! Mark and I came to St. Croix in March 15' to fulfill a dream of owning a dive center in the Caribbean, leaving behind the cold winters of Chicago and a 30 year career in nursing. I feel blessed to be able to show new divers our world beneath the sea through the discovery diving experience,  guiding dives for certified divers, and teaching Open Water students the joy of feeling weightless. As a Master Instructor, I have helped many divers experience this wonderful sport! Let me show you the wonders of St. Croix diving! 


Favorite Dive Site: The Frederiksted Pier

Favorite Restaurant: The Waves

Favorite View: The top of "The Beast" coming into the Carambola Resort

Favorite Drink: Carib Beer

Mike Ryan

Open Water Scuba Instructor


Originally from the cold, dark, low visibility quarry’s of Ohio. I took my first breath of air underwater way back in 1991 with the YMCA. Finished my open water certification in the summer of 1992. I have always had a passion for the water weather it be on top, surfing or below, scuba diving. How I have survived living in Ohio for all these years is beyond me! Needless to say after way to many years of talk I finally got the courage to leave Ohio, winter (this was an easy one), my career/business in construction of 20+years and moved to the Virgin Islands with my wife and three children to start a new life. I now wake up every morning in paradise and do something I truly love, teach scuba as a PADI scuba instructor! The only regret I have is not doing it sooner. On my days off I try to spend it with the family hiking through the rain forest, laying on beach, or in the water. I Love shooting Lionfish with my son, Noah and watching him enjoy diving as much as I did at a young age.


Favorite dive site. Way to hard to pick one! Obviously Davis bay my home spot and the Frederiksted pier and Butlers bay, and Salt river, and Coconuts, and Cane bay, and well you get the point!


Favorite restaurant. BW3’s how I miss you!


Favorite view. Coming over the Beast seeing the North Shore and knowing that’s my office now!


Favorite drink. Black&Tan, or Black&Blue

Corey Wood

IDC Staff Instructor


I learned to dive in Korea back in 2011. When I hit the water I loved it so much, and thought that this is what I want to do with my life. So, I quit my 9 to 5 and focused on diving. One thing lead to another and I found myself in Roatan, Honduras where I met Mark and Laura for the first time. I worked all the way up to Staff Instructor and I worked there teaching DMCs how to become great divemasters. After 2 years it was time to move on, and see the other places that diving will take me. This is how I found out about St Croix. I was working a 9 to 5 again, and wanted to change my view. So, now I am down here in sunny St Croix and the rest has yet to be written. All I know is that it is going to be great!



Favorite dive site. Davis Bay

Favorite restaurant. Above the Cliff

Favorite view. My paycheck... haha jk.. It is the look on my students faces' after their first Ocean Dive.

Favorite drink. Rum and Coke or Jack and Coke.

Eric Vincent

Open Water Scuba Instructor


When I was 14 years old, my family and I all got open water certified in Jamestown, Rhode Island so we could take dive vacations to the Caribbean. We went to Bonaire, Cozumel, Turks and Cacios, and Grand Cayman Island. I was hooked on diving and never wanted my vacation to end (as most can relate to). My parents eventually got a time share on the east end of Grand Cayman and because of that I dove there a fair amount. Amazing diving! …So, ever since I started diving I’ve had the goal of becoming a DM or an Instructor. Fell in love with St. Croix; and what better place to be a dive Instructor? Cheers! 


Favorite Dive Site: Davis Bay

Favorite Restaurant: Blue Water Terrace

Favorite View:  From the top of Goat Hill, East End

Favorite Drink: Red Stripe

Joe Barker

Divemaster - DSD Leader


I moved down to St. Croix a few years ago and left the cold winters of South Dakota. I was certified as a Divemaster through the DM Course with Sweet Bottom in 2015 and continued on to become a DSD Leader. When you don't see me underwater I am most likely fishing off my boat or hanging by the pool. Retired life is great and there isn't anything better than showing the underwater world to all of our guests!


Favorite Dive Site: - - -

Favorite Restaurant: - - -

Favorite View:  - - -

Favorite Drink: - - - 

Sara Rosenblatt



Info to Come!


Favorite Dive Site: - - -

Favorite Restaurant: - - -

Favorite View:  - - -

Favorite Drink: - - - 

Great kill Mike!

Michael Funk



Mike was introduced to SCUBA diving at the age of 13 way back in 1962 in Colorado by his dad who was a member of the Denver Police Department underwater search and recovery team.


He is a Physician Assistant, works in the Emergency Department at Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center on St. Croix and is an Assistant Professor and the Associate Director of Medical Education at the Barry University Physician Assistant Program, St. Croix Campus.


When he's not saving lives or training others to save lives or under water, Mike rides his bicycle up and down the hills of St. Croix, and is generally a fan of being physically fit. He's also an avid lionfish hunter, a member of CORE (Caribbean Organization for Reef Education) Foundation and CRABBS (Caribbean Reef Association of Bubble Blowers).


Favorite Dive Site: Armageddon

Favorite Restaurant: Angry Nate's

Favorite View:  From the top of Scenic Road West

Favorite Drink: Captain and Seven with a lime ;-)

Gonzalo Berrios

Master Scuba Dive Trainer


I came from Easter Island and have been diving since I was 7 years old. I have been teaching diving for many many years and love introducing people to my "office." I speak 5 different languages and am constantly learning about different cultures. I have been on the Island of St Croix since November and the diving is phenominal. As far as my future goes, I am currently working towards becoming a course director and a technical instructor. I am also apart of the Ski-Patrol in Chile!


Favorite Dive Site: Armageddon

Favorite Restaurant: Carambola Resturant

Favorite View:  My girlfriend, my love!

Favorite Drink: Any drink with friends, especially FERNET from Italy!