Snorkeling FAQs

1) Do you rent snorkel gear? How much is it? How long is the rental good for?

Yes we have the best gear for rent on St. Croix! It is $15 to rent a full set which includes mask, snorkel and fins, and the rental is good for 24 hours. Rent for 4 days, the 5th day is free!


2) Is there good snorkeling at the resort? Where do we go?

Davis Bay is the name of the beach at the resort and it is an excellent place to snorkel! For a full overview on snorkeling Davis Bay, please make sure you review the Snorkeling Guidelines & Map. Other great places to snorkel on the island are Cane Bay, Chenay Bay, Butler Bay, and the pier in Fredricksted.


3) Can I take my snorkel gear off site of the resort?

Yes you can take the snorkel gear with you on your adventures around the island! We would like our guests to use our high quality snorkel equipment all around St. Croix as they please!


4) What do you see out there?

It depends on the day, usually you will see lots of reef fish like parrotfish, trumpetfish, creole wrasse, black durgeons, blue chromis and various types of damselfish. There are also stingrays that hang out in the sand, turtles that you’ll find eating on the reef or coming up for a breath of air, and maybe even an eel hiding behind some coral. If you see something and you don’t know what it is, come by the shop and look through our fish & creature identification books.


5) I heard there’s a “Wall” off the shore, where is that located and how deep does it go?

The Wall off of St. Croix reaches depths greater than 3,000ft/920m. The section of the wall we find off of Davis Bay starts dropping off in about 40ft/12m of water, 30yds/27m north of the buoys.


6) Is there anything dangerous in the water that can hurt me?

No sealife is going to intentially hurt you in the water – please do not touch or take any sea creatures or coral. The two organisms to watch out for are sea urchins in the shallow rocks and fire coral. If you stay in the recommended snorkeling area as shown on the Snorkeling Guidelines & Map, you will not come in contact with these creatures. If you do get stuck by sea urchin spines, submerge the wound in hot water to break the spines down. If you come into contact with fire coral, pour some vinegar on the affected area.


7) Do you offer boat trips to go snorkeling, i.e. Buck Island?

We do not offer this service yet, however we can recommend a couple companies in Christiansted that offer day trips of this kind. One program we do offer is Discover Snorkeling for $40 per person, which is 1 hour, and includes a pool session with an Instructor where you will learn about the snorkeling equipment and techniques. If you feel comfortable enough to go into the ocean, the Instructor will be your naturalist and point out fish, corals, and other sea creatures. This course is an excellent intro to snorkeling and you will feel at ease having one of our Instructors working with you!